On this episode of the Sports Info Solutions Baseball Podcast, Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) is joined by Baseball America writer Carlos Collazo (@CarlosACollazo) to talk about last week’s MLB Draft and how different players rate from a defensive perspective. First, they discuss the preparation heading into the draft and the challenges of trying to evaluate a player’s defense at the amateur level (1:17). Then, Carlos gives a scouting report on Mets draftee Pete Crow-Armstrong, ranging from his defense to his makeup (5:20).

They also discuss No. 1 overall pick Spencer Torkelson and whether he was well equipped to make the move to third base (9:15). Next, Carlos shares his thoughts on Austin Martin to the Blue Jays and the idea of whether a player being versatile at the collegiate level was a good thing (11:16). Then, he talks about the top defensive prospect among infielders, Cubs draftee Ed Howard, and what makes him so promising as a fielder (14:11). One of Carlos’ favorite players in the draft was Garrett Mitchell, who went to the Brewers, and he explains why Mitchell rates so well (16:33). Then he talks about two catchers he likes a lot – Patrick Bailey of the Giants and Drew Romo of the Rockies (19:05).

Lastly, he provides a lengthy list of players who rate well in various analytic measurements, whether they be offense or pitching-based (23:51).

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