Sports Info Solutions has recently developed an On-Off Splits Tool, available on its SIS DataHub Pro platform. The tool allows you to select any player and see an abundance of basic to advanced stats with and without that player on the field.

It answers questions like: How did the team’s personnel usage change? How did their play-calling change? How did the team’s success vary using metrics like EPA and Positive%? How were the other players on the team affected?

We’re excited to announce that the On-Off Splits Tool is available as a free add-on for new subscribers to the SIS DataHub Pro this season. Just subscribe to any of our NFL only  or NFL+NCAAF  subscription packages and get this tool bundled for no additional cost!

Player Breakdowns Using the On-Off Splits Tool

Will Fuller

Our first subject, Will Fuller, has been one of the biggest risers on fantasy draft boards as the season approaches. Over the past month, his average draft position (ADP) has jumped from 8.05 to 7.03 (per Fantasy Football Calculator). The fantasy community is warming up to the fact that Fuller is a frontrunner to fill the WR1 shoes in a high-scoring Houston Texans offense.

Due to his injury woes, Fuller is a prime candidate to observe through the On-Off Splits Tool to gain an understanding of how his presence impacts the Houston offense and what this could mean if he stays healthy in an increased role.

Snap Count Breakdown

SeasonOn (Pass Snaps)Off (Pass Snaps)

Over the past three seasons, Fuller has been on the field for just 46% of the Texans pass snaps.

Key takeaways:

Pass EPA/60Yds/DropbackDeep Throw Pct

In all three seasons, Houston performed better, or saw increases, in the following metrics with Fuller on the field: Passing EPA/60 Plays, Yards per Dropback, and Deep Throw%.

The impact of losing DeAndre Hopkins is yet to be determined, but the evidence is clear that over a large sample size, the Houston has performed significantly better and has been more aggressive with Will Fuller on the field.

Kyle Juszczyk

The second player breakdown is Kyle Juszczyk, whose presence and health significantly influenced the way the San Francisco 49ers ran their offense en route to a Super Bowl appearance.

The 49ers have been among the leaders in two-RB personnel usage since signing Juszczyk to a four-year, $21 million contract in 2017. Since then, few players’ on-field presence has more heavily dictated how their team’s offense operates, and therefore also the looks they’re given by opposing defenses.

Last season Juszczyk missed four games due to injury, but was otherwise on the field for 52% of San Francisco’s total offensive snaps.

With Juszczyk in the game, the offense skewed 40 percent pass versus 60 percent run, and that rate was a mirror image without him. Regardless of their more run-heavy approach, the 49ers were better both through the air and on the ground with #44 in the backfield.

Here are the passing and rushing breakdowns, looking at EPA/60 Plays, Positive%, and Yards per Attempt:

EPA/60 Plays174
Yards per Attempt10.07.8
EPA/60 Plays3-4
Yards per Attempt5.34.5

The rushing improvement is intuitive considering the team’s play-calling tendencies. Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, and Matt Breida each had significant Yards per Carry bumps with Juszczyk paving the way in front of them

Less obvious, but even more significant, was the advantage in the pass game that was gained by Juszczyk’s presence on the field dictating the defense’s personnel and behavior.

Opposing Defense Tendencies

SeasonStacked Box%5+ in the Secondary

Jimmy Garoppolo took advantage of more real estate in the secondary, gaining 17 EPA per 60 plays with Juszczyk on the field as a diversion.

The 49ers run-first approach also opened the door for more Play Action, which increased from 30% to 52% with Juszczyk. As a team, they averaged 10.7 Yards per Attempt on Play Action, compared to 7.3 on straight dropbacks.

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