This week, SIS Basketball is launching its podcast Playing in Space.
The show, hosted by Basketball Strategy Analyst Henry Ward, covers the NBA with conversations on league-wide trends through a philosophical lens, driven by insights derived from SIS’s NBA data.
While some NBA coverage can tend to hover on league-wide happenings, many of which take place off the court, “Playing in Space” will focus more on what’s going on in between the lines and how our data can help tell those stories.
In addition, the show will host philosophical discussions about better understanding the processes that go into basketball decision-making across the sport.
In Episode 1, Henry is joined by Senior Basketball Strategy Analyst Max Carlin for a discussion of what the SIS Basketball group has been up to recently and to dive into some analysis of players and teams who found themselves in motion at the trade deadline.
The two begin by walking through how their work on the NBA side differs from work they’ve done in the past and how it’s helped them develop their views on basketball at large.
They then get into granular discussions on the development of Tyrese Haliburton, the fit of Domantas Sabonis on the Kings, the Celtics trade for Derrick White, James Harden joining forces with Joel Embiid in Philadelphia and Ben Simmons’ role with the Nets, before closing with an overview on a couple of other moves.