COPLAY, PA – March 1, 2022 – Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is the fastest growing, most exciting combat sport in the world, rapidly ascending into the hearts and minds of fight fans since its official launch in 2018, and it just got more exciting still. SIS, a leading sports data and analytics provider, and Combat Registry, a combat sports data provider, today announced a partnership with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, naming the two organizations as the exclusive Official Data Providers of the BKFC. In addition, Combat Registry has been sourced to provide exclusive BKFC Media Rankings for the organization.

As part of the partnership, Combat Registry and SIS will collect and distribute live data, and historical data, along with betting-enabling data and analytics for each BKFC event. SIS will be granted the exclusive right to license and distribute the relevant data to sports betting operators. In addition, SIS will work with BKFC as consultants to ensure both regulatory compliance and that betting and media partnerships are appropriately forged. The deal also awards SIS limited rights to distribute video highlights via SIS platforms and through licensed sports betting operator platforms.

Dan Hannigan-Daley, CEO of Sports Info Solutions, said, “This is a landmark moment for both SIS and BKFC, as both parties are aligned and set for considerable growth, with enablement of sports betting as a key focus in that growth strategy. We’re extremely excited by this true partnership, which will highlight the excitement of BKFC, alongside our best in class technology, operations, and analytical capabilities.”

Dave Feldman, President of BKFC, enthused, “A key factor in the worldwide growth of bare knuckle fighting will be cutting-edge technologies that allow fans to engage with our sport in exciting new ways. An important component of these new experiences depends on rich fight data and compelling activities built around gaming. We are excited to partner with SIS and Combat Registry because our growing fan base wants to show their knowledge of combat sports, and there is no better way to do that than fantasy games, micro-bet games, and betting. This is going to be an incredibly exciting year for fight fans.”

Chris Palmquist, President of Combat Registry, stated, “Combat Registry is excited to partner with the fastest-growing promotion in combat sports, and with a leader in the sports betting industry, to help use data to drive story-telling for live events, and help build engaging, data-driven products for fans of BKFC. We are confident that we will be able to help further drive BKFC’s growth as a global combat sports company.”

As part of the collaboration, SIS will support BKFC’s integrity and social responsibility efforts by working alongside appropriate third parties.


About SIS
Pioneers in the sports data space since 2002, their mission is to enrich and optimize the decision-making process for sports teams, sportsbooks, and sports fans. Learn more at

About BKFC
BKFC is the first promotion to hold a legal, sanctioned, and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. Based in Philadelphia, and headed by President and former professional boxer David Feldman, BKFC is dedicated to preserving the historical legacy of bare knuckle fighting, while utilizing a specifically created rule set that emphasizes fighter safety. Learn more at

About Combat Registry
Founded in 2008, Combat Registry has been an internationally prominent company in the collection and distribution of historical combat sports data, and is today the industry-leading provider of media rankings services for the biggest combat sports promotions in the world.

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