The State of the Rams:

The LA Rams’ talent acquisition methodology of stars, titled *ahem* Forget Them Picks, has started to gain traction across the league, as other organizations have begun to prioritize known NFL commodities over the unknowns of the collegiate draft process. 

Still, the Rams would not be the Super Bowl team they are without identifying the bulk of their roster through shrewd draft selections and development.

This strategy has left them without any Top-100 picks this year, but 8 picks in later rounds. Hitting on these dart throws will be key to sustaining their success. They have needs on the offensive line, cornerback, and depth in multiple areas.

#104 Overall

Dylan Parham – OG – Memphis

Parham is a smart player with the athleticism and quickness to be a versatile lineman, but will need to get stronger and more physical to maximize his potential at the next level.

The Rams have reshuffled a few spots across their offensive line. Parham is a great athlete with ideal position flexibility to provide great depth or contend for a starting role at multiple spots.

Sam Williams – Edge – Ole Miss

Williams is a fantastic athlete who will bring good length, strength and upside to a team’s pass rush attack, but he needs to refine his technique and play with more mental consistency to become a reliable three-down player.

With the departures of Obo Okoronkwo and Von Miller, the Rams have a bit of a void opposite Leonard Floyd. Adding Williams, an exceptional athlete with great upside, would give the Rams another rotational option.

Cam Taylor-Britt – CB – Nebraska

Taylor-Britt has some technical aspects to refine, but he has the athleticism, mental processing, and physicality to develop into a quality slot corner or safety.

Taylor-Britt could certainly be off the board by this point, but if available, he offers the physicality and secondary versatility the Rams require to play off of Jalen Ramsey’s frequent alignment shifts in the back end.

Bryan Cook – S – Cincinnati

Cook is a strong, physical safety who has the tackling ability and zone awareness to be the first safety off the bench, but he needs to improve in man coverage and with his pursuit angles to get the bump to a starting role.

With expiring contracts, injury questions, and inexperience within their safety room, the Rams could look to the future with Cook, who has the interchangeable flexibility and toughness to contribute.

To learn more about the Rams and their needs, visit their team page on our NFL Draft website here.