Which Players Have Been Most Affected by Good and Bad Defensive Plays?

BY DON BROCKUSSo far in 2018, 1.4 percent of plate appearances have included a Good Fielding Play (GFP) that robbed a base hit and 1.2 percent of plate appearances have included a Defensive Misplay (DM) that directly led to a base hit. In this article, we will identify the players whose hit totals have been […]

The Curious Case of Jean Segura

The Milwaukee Brewers’ shortstop, Jean Segura, has had an intriguing and puzzling season this year. He has been able to tackle difficult fielding plays, but at the same time, he’s been prone to errors on routine balls hit to him. Segura has made 90 Good Fielding Plays (GFPs) this season, which is by far the […]

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