The most distinct thing about how Carlos Correa plays shortstop is that he does so in a way that minimizes the mistakes he makes.

We can back up what we say here based on tracking done by our Video Scouts, who watch every play of every game.

They credit and demerit players using approximately 30 categories of Good Fielding Plays (such as Web Gems and keeping the ball on the infield to prevent baserunners from taking an extra base) and about 60 categories of Defensive Misplays (among them are slipping and falling, and failing to complete a double play).

Correa’s Defensive Runs Saved total has bounced around the last two seasons. In 2021, he totaled a career-high 20. In 2022, that dropped to a career-low 3.

But if we look at his Defensive Misplays & Errors per 1,000 innings relative to other shortstops, he dropped only one spot from year-to-year, going from 4th-best in 2021 to 5th-best in 2022 (among the 35 shortstops with the most innings in each of those seasons).

And over the last three seasons, he’s the No. 1 shortstop in terms of making the fewest Misplays & Errors per 1,000 innings. 

Fewest Defensive Misplays and Errors Per 1,000 Innings

Shortstops, Last 3 Seasons

Player DM&E Per 1,000
Carlos Correa 17.3
Nicky Lopez 17.5
Kyle Farmer 18.6
Francisco Lindor 18.9
Miguel Rojas 19.2

How do some other prominent shortstops in this year’s free agent class fare?

The top remaining free agent, Dansby Swanson, ranks 9th (21.4), Xander Bogaerts, now with the Padres, is 12th (23.1), and new Phillies shortstop Trea Turner is 19th (27.2).

The player Correa will be replacing as Giants shortstop, four-time Gold Glove winner Brandon Crawford, ranks 22nd (29.7).

At the bottom of the list are Tigers shortstop Javier Baez (41.6) and Gleyber Torres of the Yankees (46.3), whose number explains why he moved back to second base for 2022.

One other note on Correa: He’s also No. 1 at the position if we look at the ratio of Good Fielding Plays to Defensive Misplays (in other words, who’s making the impressive play and avoiding the bad one).

Only three shortstops have more Good Fielding Plays than Misplays – Correa, Nicky Lopez of the Royals and Miguel Rojas of the Marlins.

Correa, with 63 Good Fielding Plays and 50 Misplays and Errors, has an MLB-best 1.3 ratio of Good Plays to Misplays & Errors. The 63 Good Fielding Plays rank second in that time to Swanson’s 70.

Correa’s numbers stand out compared to others who make a lot of good plays (so do Miguel Rojas’).

Most Good Fielding Plays

Shortstops, Last 3 Seasons


Good Fielding Plays Defensive Misplays & Errors
Dansby Swanson 70 71
Carlos Correa 63 50
Miguel Rojas 58 48
Brandon Crawford 51 76
Javier Baez 50 101

All that to say – Giants fans should really like watching Correa play defense, even if he doesn’t rack up the Runs Saved.