St. Louis Cardinals: Were Molina and Bader snubbed from Gold Gloves?

Both Yadier Molina and Harrison Bader were left out of the finalists for the Gold Glove award at their positions. Were these St. Louis Cardinals really snubbed? Last week, Rawlings announced their 2020 Gold Glove finalists with the announcement coming about a month from now. For the St. Louis Cardinals, they had three nominees for […]

Who Were the Top Performing Defensive Rookies in 2018?

By MARK SIMON Who were the top defensive rookies in 2018? No. 1 in the majors isn’t hard to figure out if you’ve been paying close attention this season. We’ve lauded Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader for his performance throughout the year. He led all rookies with 19 Defensive Runs Saved, only two runs off the overall lead […]

The Many Multi-Position Standouts of 2018

Tigers outfielder JaCoby Jones had the most Defensive Runs Saved of any outfielder in the majors this season. But he did not win a Fielding Bible Award, nor will he win a Gold Glove, as he was not among the finalists named at the position in which he was eligible, left field. Jones actually played more innings […]

How Does Harrison Bader Have So Many Defensive Runs Saved?

BY MARK SIMONMost of the names atop the Defensive Runs Saved leaderboard are recognizable at this point of the season. One of the exceptions may be St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader. Bader has channeled his best Jim Edmonds in the form of multiple diving catches this season. He’s saved 7 runs defensively this season, […]

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